Our Story

Most people either love or hate storms. You guessed it, I love storms. I love that a storm can clear out the heat, drench the garden and provide a spectacular show.  We busy humans have learned to control so much of our world but the sheer wonder of a storm is purely in Mother Nature's hands. The storm will roll in, love it or hate it. Either way, the storm will charge through.

I lived in Tornado alley for a time in Kansas and I would look at the storms to get the adrenaline rush. I have a secret (well not so secret now) dream to go on a storm chasing tour. A good storm can make you feel alive. The love of soapmaking gives me the same rush. Pairing my loves seems natural.  

As a kid I was painfully teased about eczema and all my allergies.  Soap was a painful adventure.  But soap you buy in a store isn't really soap at all.  Go check, seriously.  The bars you can buy are called "moisturizing bars" or "beauty bars".  They are bars of additives you cannot pronounce. If you want real soap, you have to buy from a soapmaker. Whew, lucky we found each other!

I make soap out of necessity.  I make it for my family with DNA challenged skin, for my sanity because it makes me feel happy, and for you....because I want to share my joy.  We all win. Yea!


Shelter your skin in some honest to goodness true soap made with natural oils, butters, essential oils and clays.  Then go grab a rocker and watch a good storm roll in.