What to buy?????

When customers are shopping they go to the soaps (yea!), and then they get stuck when putting together a gift basket.  I have a couple must haves that you just have to try.

First, bath teas.  These might be my favorite. Think about it....All the skin loving goodness packaged in a tea bag that you just add to the water.  No mess, no cleanup, and no pieces to worry floating around or clogging a drain.  Toss the bag after life summons your from your sacred bath time.  You will feel moisturized and clean all at once.  It feels like a splurge, and treating yourself is good for the soul.

Second, lotion bars.  Say what? Ohhhh, these are amazing.  They look like bars of soap, you use them like bars of soap.  You can take them into the shower, or just apply anytime.  Think of it as lip balm for your whole body. Spend some time on elbows, knees and heels.  They last a very long time and don't feel greasy.  Now I feel guilty not mentioning these first!

Skip the pricey coffee just once a week and treat yourself to a new indulgence.  Well ok, skip it twice and get both.  


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