The skin you are in

You get one birthday suit.  While true that your skin is in a constant state of renewal, the damage you inflict on your skin tells a tale.  We have scars, stretch marks and reminders of how we have treated our skin.  Some will fade, but they never truly vanish.

If you don't have skin problems, then you probably don't give it much of a thought.  But if you have ever had skin issues, the physical and mental toll never really fades.  As a kid growing up with eczema, I was teased and shunned.  Nothing fixed my angry skin.  As an adult my skin has found new ways to betray me.  Thank you hormones and age for carving your new legacy.  

I have spent the better part of a year formulating products that make my skin happy.  I have a team of testers who have slathered, bathed, scrubbed and rubbed so you can have the best products for you and your family.  My angry skin has been passed down to my children, and my life's work is literally to provide shelter to their skin.

Love the skin you are in.  Take care of it, nurture it, and treat it kindly.



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